Cars found me. Some of my earliest memories in general are Pirelli Tire calendars with naked girls leaning on supercars of the 70's and early 80's. It was part of life, part of growing up in Europe; every boy had one in his room…and then the sounds. I would listen to tourist Ferraris and Porsches winding out their motors along the twisted coastline of my native Croatia when Yugoslavia was very free and speed limit was negotiable depending on the kind of car you drove.

Art makes my soul breathe. There's something in me that just needs to do it. There's a moment within a couple of hours of finishing a piece, in the last 2 to 4 hours when I do nothing but stare at it…and that's when my soul breathes. I try to blow my own mind away because that's when the mind is open and consciousness is exposed to higher dimensions.

Slowly the process of sublimation started to crystallize into a personal alchemy of healing that focuses on how to see things and looking for things that are finer, deeper or behind the surface. I try to refine every color. Process itself IS a refinement - refining and separating the finer from the coarse. In my vision, to sublimate means to leave all the industry of the computer work behind. You can look at a piece under a microscope and you will not find a pixel. That's the sublimation part to me. No pixilation. Completion, like a unified field, it has its own unified life.

Right now the aluminum is the most appropriate for what I see because of its beauty and inherent contribution to automobiles but I see beyond; I see into vehicle walls that change color and shade and images that have 3D. It would all be art because art IS.

The Art of Cars Soirée 25th Anniversary of Heritage Classics Motorcars and the Exclusive Unveiling of Art on Aluminum by MIO
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Working footage of a documentary about MIO and his life as it has evolved through art.
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A gyro-stabilized camera mounted to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB, In 1976, through the heart of Paris. No streets were closed, No dialogue, just the squeal of tires and the sound of The 275 GTB.
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